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Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by socks, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    Added an that includes the bung in the exhaust LMFAO
  2. nazzurro19

    nazzurro19 Registered User +

    Heres a better pic socks

    233bhp 200lb ft torque :) win

  3. mad_max926

    mad_max926 Registered User +

    im using super unleaded btw socks
  4. socks

    socks Registered User +

    amended chaps! thanks very much!

    anyone else wana submit :D
  5. socks

    socks Registered User +

    bump for more results people! Get submitting!
  6. socks

    socks Registered User +

    30 Submitted Now! Well done people, keep them coming..

    We have now added more engine types, more turbos and 1/4Mile Time to the list!

    So get them listed!
  7. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    How deep is your pockets leader board really lol.
  8. socks

    socks Registered User +

    Not really bud, tuning on a budget would be interesting to see how high you can get. Its not just for whos got the most, but if you pull 160bhp and another member pulls same bhp at a lower boost level, comparing specs would be a wise move! :)
  9. socks

    socks Registered User +

    32 Cars SUbmitted Now!

    Getting some comparable data now!

    Keep em coming guys n gals!
  10. socks

    socks Registered User +

    43 Cars Now! Still Growing! Please if you have results from dyno'ing your car, please post them up!
  11. spuddy

    spuddy Ulster Area Rep.

    Is there a way to update it if you run a bigger number?
  12. kemnaychris

    kemnaychris Paid Member

    I can put pic up later of my dyno if that helps dude :)
  13. socks

    socks Registered User +

    Spuddy, Yes contact me at the moment... Ill be making it a way of doing it later!

    Kemnay, Submit ya results to leaderboard buddy!
  14. fraser dalgarno

    fraser dalgarno Paid Member

    alot of high spec ep here,cant wait to get my forged 5e in mine :D
  15. socks

    socks Registered User +

  16. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    I'll have to get mine up there.

    still highest power for a Td04 @ 1bar 262hp :) good work chris.

  17. socks

    socks Registered User +

    Phil, get your result up matey! Id love to see that graph! Yes as you say would be highest output on stock motor! :D
  18. socks

    socks Registered User +

    Phil! ^^^

    49! Results now! Keep em coming!
  19. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    not a stock motor. quite the opposite really.

    but a stock td04, yes indeed

  20. socks

    socks Registered User +

    ah i see :) get it submitted ;P x

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