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Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by SKINY, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. SKINY

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    Soooooo it seem I'm going to need some patches on the rear inner sills, right where the mount point for the trailing arm from the axl mounts too fs :(
    Anyone ever tackled this area before or strengthened it ??
    All advice welcome, will get some pics up later on
  2. SKINY

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  3. dac69er

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    that first pic didnt look too bad, but the second pic...... DAMN!

    i would get that to a professional. i probably wouldnt drive it as that is seriously weakened!!!!
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  4. SKINY

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    Yea the first one is the passenger side, a tad flaky but I'm sure it's no far behind the drivers side, I have a side cut here from Jay a while ago but that area is mangled on it too but it should allow me something to make some templates off and see exactly how I can cut that out and redo it stronger o_O
  5. gorganl2000

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    i must admit i really feel sorry for you guys with the snow/salt eating away all your nice vehicles
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  6. SKINY

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    Yea I like to use a car lool, 2 years daily driven in all the weathers:cool:the snow it performed very well, just skipped along the top of it:)

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