Daihatsu Mira Avanzato 660cc Turbo

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  1. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

    For sale:Daihatsu Mira Avanzato 660cc Turbo

    Item Condition:excellent

    Price and price conditions:2000 ovno
    Extra Info:tax until next month and mot until july next ,2WD 5 speed LSD, few small mods on it HKS exhaust , HKS mushroom filter , Bailey dump valve, Earthing kit , Oil catch tank ,Blitz boost gauge , 6 disk cd changer


    Contact Details:pm or 0863017891

    Location:cavan ireland

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:pick up only shippin would be dear lol

    pm me any questions
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  2. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

  3. Hazzagray

    Hazzagray Paid Member

    That is Epic!
    Free bump for you mate!
  4. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    This is a lovely little car, saw it at the Mullingar meet and if I was in the market I would buy it in an instant.

    Best of luck with the sale of this fun little machine
  5. richglanzav

    richglanzav Paid Member

    i thought these were 4wd dude? mint car. GLWTS
  6. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

    cheers lads , some of them are 4wd and some fwd , the 4wd ones give trouble wit gearboxes
  7. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

  8. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

    seen this last week,real clean wee car,defo a good buy for someone in the market for one.
    and a cheap fill up!lol
  9. JohnOBrien8

    JohnOBrien8 Paid Member

    do you be in cavan town??haha if this was you lfmao!!
    last friday night i was coming out of cavan in a dark green bora and a yoke identical to your car was infront of me,then it pulled into the left lane to head into the business park were kfc is so i went by it on the right, you(maybe not) went to pull out and beeped at me!!maybe it wasnt you but then you were stuck to my hole heading for the round about and went by me!sounded class!that is if it was you at all!!
  10. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

  11. sheri

    sheri Paid Member

    Wow I love these :) we had one in our local car club and it was amazing!

    Good luck with the sale - looks clean enough to eat your dinner off! 8)

    Actually I have just notice that this IS the one from Rebel!! I actually enquired about buying this from the old owner but they had sold it to you so I got my Trueno!!
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  12. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

    open to offers
  13. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member

  14. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    these look like a right laugh, glwts mate
  15. navq007

    navq007 Fresh Recruit

    Is this car from Cardiff?
  16. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

  17. navq007

    navq007 Fresh Recruit

    Can vouch for this car, I know the previous owner and know how well it was looked after, GLWTS
  18. Decep82

    Decep82 Paid Member


    SWIFTY1NEL Fresh Recruit

    Hi, have you still got this for sale?
  20. dancecatz

    dancecatz Fresh Recruit

    If i could sell my Caldina in the morning i would call over, i used to own a 4wd version, so much fun and there not slow, got alot of abuse down the lakes rally in Killarney till people got droped going down the side of Molls gap..

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