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Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by dangerousdai75, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. dangerousdai75

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    Picking up one of these on weekend which is already mapped for a td04 at 1 bar. Im going to have a go at wiring it up myself so it can be driven to tuners to get map checked and tweaked to suit my engine. Does anyone have any wiring diagrams for it?????
  2. bucketep91

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    here it is ;)
  3. Texx

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    That diagram is for a Subaru is it not?

    I'd advise being cautious with any Unichip wiring diagrams you come across. From what I'm led to believe, there are several variations of Unichips and they don't all share the same pin configuration and wire colours.

    There's also this diagram which is supposedly for an ST205 Celica:


    But again I wouldn't take it as gospel and risk using it to wire in a unknown second hand Unichip. Second hand Unichips seem to be more trouble than they are worth. Taking everything you have with your car to a Dastek dealer is probably the only sure way of getting it working correctly.
  4. bucketep91

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    i was givin that diagranm off some1 on here when i had my unichip.
  5. Texx

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    Did you use it to successfully install your Unichip?
  6. bucketep91

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    no i sold the unichip lol
  7. Ant

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    What would be the HP average figure with the unichip Q fitted & mapped on an EP91 running hybrid CT9? anyone have one fitted & have any dyno figures out of interest??
  8. bucketep91

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    its impossible to tell mate. id take a punt at between 200 - 220
  9. Ant

    Ant Paid Member

    "anyone currently have one fitted & have any dyno figures out of interest"
  10. GlanzaV.Tee

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