Dyno Coming Soon!!!

Discussion in 'Monster Motorsport' started by MikeGlanzaV, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. MikeGlanzaV

    MikeGlanzaV Registered Trader

    Hi guys - Just a quick heads up! We are expanding into the unit adjacent next door with the intention of using it to install a 4wd rolling road! At the moment Dyno Dynamics is looking like the weapon of choice but not confirmed. Either way we hope to be up and running in 8-10 weeks with it.

    I will more than likely organise a big TGTT Rolling Road day when its installed!

    Watch this space..........................

    Mike - Monster Motorsport
  2. keirz

    keirz Paid Member

    liam told me about this mate. great stuff, i will definatly be up for a few runs
  3. Iain@CRD

    Iain@CRD Paid Member

    Great stuff Mike and Dyno Dynamics is the one, top man :)

  4. drew-turbo

    drew-turbo Registered User +

    is it free for starlets? :haha:
  5. lleey2k4

    lleey2k4 Paid Member

    ^^ if so il be there. :)

    Good luck mate.
  6. Adam_Glanza

    Adam_Glanza Registered User +

    wow must be doing well for urself, i thought dyno's were about 50g lol
  7. MikeGlanzaV

    MikeGlanzaV Registered Trader

    55k :p lol
  8. Adam_Glanza

    Adam_Glanza Registered User +

    lol either way! fair play
  9. Chris@CCM

    Chris@CCM Registered User +

    nice mate Dyno Dynamics are the dogs balls for dynos :cool:
  10. Liam_D

    Liam_D Registered User +

    Love it Mike!!! ill be coming to the TGTT one when its organised then :)
  11. Idrees

    Idrees Banned

    I'll be up for that! Sounds awesome Mike, nice one.
  12. y3Lo

    y3Lo Registered User +

    great news, i'll be up for a go, not far from you.
  13. MikeGlanzaV

    MikeGlanzaV Registered Trader

    Dyno now fully operational guys so give me a call if you need any power runs or tuning on the best Dyno out there!!!!

  14. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    great service Mike.
  15. Big_Daddy

    Big_Daddy Paid Member

    how much is RR session?
  16. Matchew

    Matchew Paid Member

    Get a RR day organised;)

    How much for a power run fella?

    Had mine at weston performance on a dyno dynamics and made 191bhp and 185 torque:rockon:
  17. y3Lo

    y3Lo Registered User +

    he has been organising one for little while now mate, end of next month i think
  18. stuart

    stuart Paid Member

    Mike are you offering a tuning service? EMB's, power fc's, setting up fuelling etc?
  19. Matchew

    Matchew Paid Member

    they already do it fella.
    think £250-£300 for a mapping session there
  20. EP82

    EP82 Paid Member

    Yea get a rolling road Day organised for TGTT I will be well up for that ;)

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