EP82 Wiring/Connector ID's. There is a PDF available!

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    I've lost count the number of times that forum members (from this forum and elsewhere) have been asking for a wiring diagram for the EP82 and no-one has been able to provide much more than a link to a few ECU pinout diagrams (originated from StreetLegalStarlet forums) and some other minor info.

    As part of the build in shoe-horning a EP82 4E-FTE into my 1978 Mini Clubman, in the last two months I have been documenting the wiring looms that came with my (1991 Gen 1) EP82 Starlet GT front cut. The door wiring looms or the rear wiring loom was not provided with the front cut, but have managed to detail a lot anyway.

    Since I won't be using A/C, power steering and power windows in my Mini, what has been omitted from the doc is the exact wiring for power windows, power mirrors and exact HVAC switching and control. My front cut had no TEMS or ABS so that's not available either.

    This PDF DOES document :
    The loom layout (to scale) of the two main wiring looms
    A photo, ID, pinouts of every connector with wiring colours from each
    Quick reference table for Connector IDs
    Conduction tables for the combination switches (lighting, indicators, wipers)
    Fuse & relay ID's and pinouts of every relay
    Wiring diagram of the instrument cluster (for my Gen 1 EP82)
    The configuration of A/C Condenser and radiator fan relays and how they work in conjunction with the coolant temperature sensor and A/C refrigerant pressure switches

    The Pista de resistance is a wiring diagram that covers every fuse, every relay, and (most) switches in the car. This is a diagram that has been asked for so many times on multiple forums, yet no-one has been able to provide one. I've put a lot of work and detail into this, however please don't expect 100% details for the whole car from this diagram, but in 3 years I've never been able to find anything like this for the EP82.

    I have spent over 150 hours on this doc and I am providing it FREE for the good of the wider community. Download it, have a look and if anyone has any corrections, suggestions of simple ideas on how to improve it, just let me know via PM or email.

    EDIT The PDF is now on TGTT.com - see below

    Enjoy :)

    (~10Mb, 19 pages)
    Linky : EP82 Starlet Wiring and Connectors (PDF)
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  2. Gtstu

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    wow that is excellent information.
  3. pc18

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    thats a great document thanks for posting it up!!
  4. Texx

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    Fantastic work lad, very well done! :)

    I can upload it onto TGTT.com if you'd like?
  5. wickedep

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    fantastic..thanks for sharing..repped :)
  6. weeJohn

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    That is excellent, there will be a few happy people when they view that!

    I have done quite a few conversions putting the 4EFTE into different Toyotas, I have only used the basic ECU line diagram available on the site and it makes it a ball ache for sure. Wish I had of had this before now but I was never keen enough to make one myself!
  7. mearcat

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    Yes please. You can put is a sticky if you think it's relevant.
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  8. dark_knight

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    good stuff

    i don't have an ep82 chassis, but still.. this is good stuff. cheers mearcat.. repped!
  9. Texx

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  10. dove8891

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    hi, do you know where i can find a similar pdf , but for 5 efe?? the one you posted has been very helpfull :)
  11. max9650

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    Just a bump for somthing that is well worth a read
  12. lerone

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    do you have one for the 4efe second generation wiring loom? thats is a PDF format wiring diagram
  13. mearcat

    mearcat Member

    Unfortunately not. I made this PDF as a side-task of an overall engine swap project. Not much actually changed between the generations so the wiring loom would be quite close (as is the 4EFE vs 4EFTE) - at least you have this PDF at a starting point!
  14. hekker

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    the link isnt opening for me
  15. dark_knight

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    hekker, slap your dodgy web connection on the back of the head and try again.. :D
  16. D3N0

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    Need this PDF for an EP91

    What is the pinout info for connector 41 and 42?
  17. mearcat

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    Sorry I cant help you for the EP91 - I only had the EP82 loom for my project. I don't have the further pinout info of the connectors between the engine bay & cabin looms (Connector 41/42), as I spent more than enough weeks documenting what I already had.
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    nice work mearcat. Thumbs up!
  19. heatone

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    This is PURE GOLD...Thanks a lot man, really thanks!!!WOW!!!
  20. mearcat

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    So 8 years on and I've made some updates to the document as I've identified some (at the time) unknown connectors and wiring in regards to the power windows and TEMS. I've contacted a few forum admins to see if anyone if still active here - to get the new version uploaded to the Wiki / Awesomely Helpful Info section. Watch this space...
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