farina racers ecu question?

Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by cheadder.ep82, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. cheadder.ep82

    cheadder.ep82 Registered User +

    Any1 ever used 1 with a ct9 set up with supporting mods?
  2. markostarletturbo

    markostarletturbo Paid Member

    Farina ? Not heard of that ecu before anyone else?
  3. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    same as all the rest of the pre programed ecus
  4. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    Yep, will work like the other plug and play ECUs, raise rev limit, remove fuel cut etc....
  5. JasonGlanza

    JasonGlanza Paid Member

    as above

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