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Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by Matty_ep82, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Matty_ep82

    Matty_ep82 Fresh Recruit

    What front dash speakers are people using? I've got 6x9s in the parcel shelf that are pretty decent but looking some quality 10cm speakers in the front to balance it out.

    I can't use door speakers or even try and source a set of optional extra door cards cause I've got manual windows :(
  2. SKINY

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    Kenwood Pioneer etc are good and not to pay for either for a decent wee set bud, it was one or the other I put in the GT but only 1 is wired and I took the rear speakers out :p
    For a decent front setup look for a set with separate tweeters for the dash, ideally the door cards would be good but folks have them priced like gold ffs even a set local with a missing grill was 120 quid, ah nope lol
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  3. Matty_ep82

    Matty_ep82 Fresh Recruit

    Cheers mate I'll have a hunt about ebay to see what I can find.
    That's like most optional extra parts theses days, you'll pay a small fortune lol
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  4. TylerGlanza

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    Most 10cm speakers for the dash are under £30 for something with sensible wattage. I changed mine for pioneer ones but already had some old autobacs items fitted from its life in japan. So when i changed i didnt notice any difference. :(
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  5. gorganl2000

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    i find the front speakers location don't really allow for a good sound projection,,,seems they kind of point towards the legs/floor... so even with good quality speakers installed you may not get the maximum from them
    but i installed some decent 6" speakers on the parcel shelf and 4" in the front...and i'm happy with that for daily driving, that's enough for me
    i'm not buying overpriced door speaker trims either.

    however, if you are really into music, you may have to do some mods, spend some cash, buy the additional door trims, etc. to optimize the acoustics
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