GT Turbo Spec Front splitter fits Glanza 1AO silver

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by russyb, Jul 17, 2012.

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    For sale: Starlet GT Turbo Spec Front splitter that fits a Glanza painted in 1AO silver

    Item Condition: Only had a few weeks painted in 1AO silver could do with smoothing and repainting

    Price and price conditions: £40ono

    Extra Info: This is a Gt turbo OEM spec front splitter fits on a 96 spec glanza well Ive only had for a few weeks bought off here, you need to use spacers to pull the splitter lower than the fogs but can be supplied is a little rough around reg plate cut out but could be sanded back and repainted easily enough.
    splitter owes me more than asking price, i am selling as as i got a oem 96 spec now


    Contact Details:pM me

    Location: Basildon, Essex

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: would imagine around £10 but will get quote for buyer collection welcome also
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    £50 posted bump
  3. russyb

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    friday bump
  4. russyb

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    £30 price drop
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    is it £30 posted? if so ill have it!
  6. russyb

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  7. russyb

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    sent you email dude as your pm inbox is full

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