Guess The Car Game!

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Super Mod (極度の調整器)

    Who's gonna get it right then? ;)

  2. Timmy

    Timmy Registered User +

  3. stuart

    stuart Paid Member

    So tempted to say its a 5 series, but I know it isn't :p
  4. Craig

    Craig Paid Member

    Looks like a honda to me!
  5. steveep82

    steveep82 Registered User +

    yeah id say a civic eg?
  6. Glanza-V

    Glanza-V Banned

  7. Super Mod (極度の調整器)

    Someone's close... Anyone guess the exact model?
  8. Idrees

    Idrees Banned


    Crx Delsol?
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  9. Craig

    Craig Paid Member

    It's a 1.6 coupe... would probably be harder if you covered the license plate... :p
  10. Darius

    Darius Registered User +

    HONDA CRX 1.6I SIR (93-97) DEL SOL 1595cc 2DR
  11. Super Mod (極度の調整器)

    No-one's got it yet...

    *EDIT* - We have a winner!!!

  12. Glanza-V

    Glanza-V Banned

    lol rac car check lol
  13. Idrees

    Idrees Banned

    Ha! I knew it was a Delsol because of the wing mirrors! Edited my post a little late though maybe?!
  14. Darius

    Darius Registered User +

    yay i win :p
  15. Idrees

    Idrees Banned


    But that is fugly!
  16. Super Mod (極度の調整器)

  17. stuart

    stuart Paid Member

    Oh dear :(
  18. Darius

    Darius Registered User +

    yes oh dear is the word
  19. Sigma

    Sigma Registered User +

    Hats off to the guy that did it, but he could've picked many nicer front ends :)
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