HKS SSQV sounds odd after HDI fitted

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Kev, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Kev

    Kev Paid Member

    HKS SSQV sounds almost silent after HDI fitted

    Hi all,

    Fitted my HKS SSQV tonight to the HDI intercooler kit. I expected it to sound different to how it was setup before on the standard intercooler setup.

    however it almost sounds silent with the chatter noise of having no bov when driving the car, it appears to be operating as it should do and you can really feel the air being pushed out, but without the tssssssssh sound if you know what I mean?


    Is it because I haven't changed the adapter or something else?

    thanks for any advice

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  2. fred

    fred Registered User +

    the chatter is to do with th extra volume of air in the cooler.

    Not sure why its silent though :s
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  3. Kev

    Kev Paid Member

    It's odd, because you can see it operating as normal, feel the real blast of air coming through, but hardly any if any noise coming from it :S

  4. D1v

    D1v Registered User +

    thats strange, it should make the same noise if not a bit louder i found, could be ur adaptor? or bov can you adjust it? tho i dont think you should have to.. i didnt, no leaks in the piping? vac hose punctured?
  5. ktl

    ktl Registered User +

    I have the same dump valve and same intercooler and yes the sound did change but im use to it now!

    its something to do with the longer piping
  6. fred

    fred Registered User +

    maybe a leak from one of those jubilee clips?
  7. Ted

    Ted Paid Member

    where is it connected to for vacuum?
  8. Kev

    Kev Paid Member


    It's connected as it was before, can it be setup any differently?

    This is also the blue tubing I bought for it.


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  9. Kev

    Kev Paid Member

    I don't think so, they can't be done up any tighter, lol when I did the intercooler clips I did one up so tight the bolt snapped in half.

  10. ktl

    ktl Registered User +

  11. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    Mines is the same dude.

    Chatter and full dump on high revs with a short chatter.

    Its something to do with the quickest route of the air.

    Perfectly safe i beleive
  12. Derek

    Derek Paid Member

    Can you adjust the bov?
  13. Foggy

    Foggy Paid Member

    Mine sounded the same after i fitted my hdi kit but i heard a few people say that the dv sounded different after fitting a fmic
  14. Kev

    Kev Paid Member

    Thanks for the info, can you hear your HKS SSQV at all?

    I have tried adjusting it with the pressure screw and basically it makes no noticeable difference in noise.

    I think I'll be changing to another BOV, but then wonder due to the piping if it will sound the same as it does now?

  15. ktl

    ktl Registered User +

    Yeah i can hear it. I have wound the nut at the back of the dump valve all the way in. When i wound it out it wasnt making much of a noise and sounded very weak when dumping
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  16. fred

    fred Registered User +

    block it up, then you will like the sound ;)
  17. Kev

    Kev Paid Member

    lol I did that for a few days, it was ok, but I'd rather run with a bov.

    thanks ktl, I'll do that tomorrow and see if it changes at all.
  18. Dutchstarletdriver

    Dutchstarletdriver Registered User +

    Are you running stock boost? ad more pressure then you must here the pssst.
  19. Kev

    Kev Paid Member

    It's running standard boost at the moment,

    I do have plans to increase the boost, but need some supporting fuel modifications first.


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