Honda D16 pistons in 4efte block

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  1. Hi Guys

    Once again i need your help.

    Turns out my crank has been damaged which caused a bearing knock and some wear on my bore.

    I have a set of d16 pistons laying around, considering their availability and pricing here, it seems like a good choice.

    Also what brought the idea to my attention was reading it on another thread.

    i know i will have to bore/hone the block and use a 5e head gasket but i have many more unanswered questions, so here i go:
    1. Has anybody tried this before?
    2. what would i have to do to the pistons to make them fit the 4efte rods?
    3.Any idea what the cr will be?
    4.Max power/boost considering its a td04 turbo on pump fuel for everyday use.
    5.Reliability(i know it depends alot on the tune, lets just say the tuner knows what he's doing)

    Any other advice will be much appreciated.

    And before anybody says go forged, its too expensive for me compared to using the d16 pistons.
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    Seen a forged engine for 1400 pounds a while ago buddy :) postage may rape you tho
  3. yaaaa thats the problem. Postage.

    its either they wanna post for like 3 times the actual cost or they just dont post at all.

    plus our tax customs service sucks, so it will take like 3-6 months for the goods to be released apart from the hefty tax costs, might as well buy a local 4age bt and turbo it for that kinda money(lol just kidding im a die hard e series fan)
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  4. So my 4efte engine rebuild with d16 pistons went well.

    Engine has been completely overhauled, oil pump has been replaced as well.

    Engine is smooth and silent and with a good tune managed to get 170whp around 5200rpm, dont even know the torque figure, but im sure its insane.

    Comp seems a little low so alot of timing had to be called in.

    Shes currently running 1.3bar boost comfortably with no strain.

    thanks to all the guys who advised and assisted along the way. Much appreciated.

    Oh and by the way the complete overhaul costed me around 8000ZAR
    which is like 430 pounds.
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    Did you change the rods too or just the pistons?

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