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Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by lowresolution, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. lowresolution

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    Guys ,
    A friend was working on a using a chipable Honda ECU on the 4EFTE . He called me up yesterday and said that he is finally able to startup the car using the Honda ECU . He said that he used a few sensors from the Honda , fitted the honda dizzy ( by cutting bushes or something ) and the car started just fine . The Idle is just fine , however in the upper revs range it bogs down ( coz of the 510cc injectors ) . He said that he`ll be street tunning the car in a few days and will make a good map .

    I saw a few videos on youtube , where lots of 4age`s and 3sgte`s were running on Honda ECUs , but could`nt find any with the 4efte .

    Is this possible ? has this been done before ? . Is`nt this a very cost effective and cheap solution as opposed to a standalone ( Emanage ultimate etc )

    And will it be reliable ?
  2. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Nothing that cant be done, a lot of tuners have used GM ECUs for years because they were available and a lot cheaper than stand alone ECUs. Would you want all that hassle but?
  3. somal

    somal Paid Member

    better to get a universal stand alone
  4. lowresolution

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    An E-manage ultimate cost is hell expensive when compared .
  5. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    For the unit yes, but for the matching sensors, wiring mods and time needed to make it suit the 4E engine it may work out not far off.
  6. Murray

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    I often wonder how people manage to get the dizzy to turn the correct way. Honda B series motors rotate the opposite way to the 4efte.
    " Honda ECU expects 4 cylinders, a Honda distributor, an engine which runs backwards and which has spark plugs" A quote from Hondata site.

  7. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Seen a video of someone running a Honda engine the opposite direction once, thought nothing of it read until I read that Murray!
  8. awadkhan

    awadkhan Fresh Recruit

    I'm here boy....:p
    I'm doing the above stated mod and its almost complete. The car is up and running on about 1 bar of boost on 98RON on a td05-14b. Just sorting out the last bits
    to activate the launch control and get the potentio TP working.... :)
  9. Rob H

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    I am going to be using a AEM ECU for a Honda as this ECU has a lot more features than the AEM universal ECU and is cheaper!
  10. awadkhan

    awadkhan Fresh Recruit


    Going AEM is a totally different method and an expensive one as well. you get the features but it drains your pocket as well. The cheapest aem is the V4 with the harness and stuff its still a lot expensive than this mod. I've done it successfully and it works. I will upload a video soon with the car idling and running under boost. This is the ultimate solution to 4efte owners who want a cheap standalone.
  11. Stroker

    Stroker Fresh Recruit

    Hey Awadkhan, how did you get the wiring done from the 4efte loom to the Honda ECU? Do you have any diagram showing how to re-pin ?

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