How can you tell if youve got forged engine??

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by danwheeler2k11, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. danwheeler2k11

    danwheeler2k11 Registered User +

    Just wonderin if any1 nos hw u can tel if youve got forged pistons etc as i bought mines was advertised and bloke sed it had piston failure so had full enginerebuild with forged pistons but ive got no receipts to prove it just his word, (have few recepits 4 cambelt, gaskets, thermostat nufin else) is ther anyway of tellin apart from the obvious stripin the engine???
  2. buckets

    buckets Registered User +

    compression test ,mybe you can tell when starting up when cold forged engines are more noisy until warmed up
  3. danwheeler2k11

    danwheeler2k11 Registered User +

    does idle at like 2k when started from cold til its warmd up then goes like normal
  4. Reeco

    Reeco Paid Member

    got a reciept for the headgasket? check what size that is? its definatley not an acurate way of telling but i shouldnt imagine it would be a thick one if it isnt forged? personaly wouldnt have bought it as a forged engine without some kind of proof mate.
  5. danwheeler2k11

    danwheeler2k11 Registered User +

    i jus swapd it m8 for my old car m8 wuznt to bovad if it wuz forgd or not just a bonus if it is lol i fink the recepits for a gasket that got vhanged by previous previous owner nt the last one who forgd it, so i dno wot hees done
  6. GTwayne

    GTwayne Paid Member

    Your only really going to know if you do the obvious.
  7. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    see loads advertised as forged when most of them arent. its an easy thing to say it has as its hard to prove.
  8. jam35

    jam35 Registered User +

    only on proper way to find out. if you really want to know whip the sump off :)

    BAJANSUPERMAN Registered User +

    r trun your boost up to 1.8 and hope for the best lmao jus kiddin
  10. Rob H

    Rob H Paid Member

    Take it to a garage that has a bore cam (a long bendy camera that will go down the spark plug hole) you should be able to tell from the shape of the top of the piston. You can even go as far as going into the oil return into the sump for the turbo to see the rods. That would be the easiest way to do it.
  11. danwheeler2k11

    danwheeler2k11 Registered User +

    oh ryt that camera sounds bit rare tbh hw many garages have them lol
  12. AdamB

    AdamB Registered User +

    Every tuning company should have a bore scope, some garages might also have them.
    Whip the sump off when you next do an oil change ;)
  13. Skalabala

    Skalabala Registered User +

    Sounds perfect :)
  14. Rob H

    Rob H Paid Member

    More than you think by the look of it most garages have them these days there a very handy thing to have for diagnostic work or just trying to fined stuff ya have dropped lol
  15. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    How can you tell it has forged pistons by taking the sump off? I get you can tell if the rods are but the pistons too?

    Wouldnt you have to take a whole one out?
  16. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    You can see the underside of the pistons and thats where the manufacturers numbers usually are.
  17. Murray

    Murray Registered User +

    Apart from wiseco, there on top
  18. Rob H

    Rob H Paid Member

    Also the piston tends to be thicker on forged pistons where the gudgeon pin goes through the piston and flat bottomed with a machined finish were as the standard ones are just cast.

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