How to switch to individual coil packs

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  1. Hi Guys.

    Once again i need some guidance and advice. My car keeps burning the normal single 3 pin coil and i noticed the spark jumping from the coil. So, i have a management system capable of running an individual coil-pack setup.

    Now i wanna know, what do i have to do to convert and also which coil packs can i use on the 4efte motor?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  3. So turns out the chip that was wired in between the dizzy and the coil was arcing(not making proper contact) soldered it back on now everything is running perfect. No need to go icp anymore and saves me alot of money, although i have been reading about the 2nzfe piston conversions and id like some info on that. will open up a new thread.

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