Interested in becoming an area rep?

Discussion in 'Up and Coming Events' started by Franza1, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Franza1

    Franza1 Supermoderator & Area Reps Manager

  2. ChrisStarletGT

    ChrisStarletGT Paid Member

    i would love to do this im am always goin on about the site to my mates at the local cruise
  3. Sheldon

    Sheldon Malta Area Rep.

    what about malta? i could cover the whole island lol
  4. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    il go for one in my area fellas

    seems i fix most of these toyotas down my way lol
  5. Quincy

    Quincy Registered User +

    Wouldn't mind being a rep in my area
  6. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    I would be up for it
  7. perreau

    perreau Paid Member

    I'm up for the Seychelles if we can join in ;)
  8. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    anyone for the surrey position? if not id be intrested!

  9. pc18

    pc18 North West England Area Rep.

    can i be the cumbrian area rep!!!!
  10. Gav_Kara

    Gav_Kara Paid Member

    Ill be one if its still on,i did even try organize a Jap Show event last year but cause i wasnt a rep i wasnt allowed
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2011
  11. cheshireglanza

    cheshireglanza **Do not buy from me**

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  12. Franza1

    Franza1 Supermoderator & Area Reps Manager

    Bump for anyone that hasnt seen it.
  13. popsy09

    popsy09 Munster Area Rep.

    count me in for munster !!
  14. starletgtturbo1

    starletgtturbo1 Paid Member

    il be the one for highlands and islands, i live in shetland but have a house in buckie to
  15. JonoPhilpott

    JonoPhilpott Registered User +

    Could very well be interested if you needed a hand?? :)
  16. omcr

    omcr Registered User +

    hmm...what about the caribbean??
  17. s.murphy

    s.murphy Leinster Area Rep.

    Very interested in helping out any way i can.
  18. jjayokocha

    jjayokocha Ulster Area Rep

    Mentioned it to you before Franza and am still interested in doing it.
  19. turbo head

    turbo head Munster Area Rep.

    i am interested in doing the munster area ;)
  20. churcherj

    churcherj Paid Member

    i would definitely be up for hampshire or the southampton area

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