karate suit domokun

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  1. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

    For sale:domokun figure wearing a karate suit

    Item Condition: new

    Price and price conditions: €20 delivered

    Extra Info: new domo


    Contact Details: pm

    Location: ireland

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: post or collection
  2. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

    bump, must be someone for this!
  3. JohnOBrien8

    JohnOBrien8 Paid Member

    you may aswell become a registered domokun dealer!
    free bump!
  4. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

    ah jus have a few of them here :haha:
  5. addz

    addz Paid Member


    You guys won't be disappointed, these are good quality domos!
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  6. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

    thanks addz :)
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