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Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by mrpeal55, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. mrpeal55

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    Just fitted a new engine into my ep82 and I've noticed the idle is at about 400rpm. later on after the engine was warmed up the idle went lower than 400rpm and the oil pressure light starting flickering followed by EML. if you rev it both lights go out.

    Does the engine hold 3.2 litres of oil?

    Anyone got pics of tick over screw on throttle body?


  2. corofin12345

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    the idle screw is located under the rubber grommet on top of the throttle body.. oil and EML is coming on simply because the revs are too low
  3. mrpeal55

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    Cheers mate, thought as much. didn't think the engine would be able to tick over that low without stalling.
  4. corofin12345

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    the question is why its so low tho.. you could try putting the engine is diagnostics mode to see if it settles.. bridge TE1 & E1 in the diagnostic port while the engine is running, this should bring the revs to about 700rpm.. (you do this when timing the engine).. this is only a test really to see if the TPS is doing its job... adjust the idle screw first anyway and do it while the engine is warm if you can..
  5. mrpeal55

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    I will try it tomorrow. Another thing I cant understand is why the screw would need adjusting? Unless the previous owner had it set so low. if there was a problem with another component would the EML stay on all the way up the rev range?
  6. mrpeal55

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    Just done diagnostics and code 51 was displayed. switch signal???? any ideas
  7. mrpeal55

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  8. garry goodall

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    maybe oil pressure switch? as the oil will have low pressure at that RPM, do a reset after you have sorted the idle rpm out
  9. mrpeal55

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    Solved. TPS sensor needed adjusting. Once the TPS was adjusted the ECU didn't show any faults. Ticks over at 750rpm when warm as the previous engine did. Thanks for all responses and Wee john for his tutorial on TPS. Now It's time to boost.
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  10. Zafar Ahmed

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    Hey guys. I have the same problem with the light. How do I adjust the TPS?
  11. Skalabala

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    Just a quick note, the screw is not for adjusting idle speed on a stock setup. (adjusting it will tamper with the ecu idle map)
    They use an Idle Control Valve.
  12. Calum122

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    Isn't the ICV just for warming the engine up. I.E. as said, do it when warm.

    My brothers Starlet was idling really low after he swapped out the FPR. I just notched it slightly on the inlet and it sorted it straight out.
  13. Skalabala

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    No, there is a wax stat device device for that, hence the water lines on the throttle body :)
  14. GP82

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    Look in the awesomely helpful section of the site to find the guide.

    You will need a multimeter and preferably a pair of crocodile clips and feeler/ slip guage set.

    I would recommended to check the engines ignition timing after performing the tps adjustment.

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