My "V"

Discussion in 'The Photo Arena' started by ro55ifumi, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    Just become a paid mamber an thought i'd share :)
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  2. s.murphy

    s.murphy Leinster Area Rep.

    Looks really nice. What wheels are they mate?
  3. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    Nice mate, looks very tidy :)
    What plans you got for her?
  4. addz

    addz Paid Member

    Looks good mate:)
  5. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    MR2 wheels an no wheel spacers, on 195/45/15 an no wheel/tyre rub:)
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  6. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    Already got the fmic,hks acutator,mani, decat etc at stage one, just need to get a management on it an i'll be happy at that.
    Well for now
  7. whiteglanzav

    whiteglanzav Paid Member

    that manifold and decat looks like it was well put on !! ;)
  8. quadcorecraig

    quadcorecraig Paid Member

    not a rinse job thats for sure
  9. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    Now you should no that one ;)
  10. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    He was too busy with his cam bolts lol:p:haha:
  11. rinseep82

    rinseep82 Paid Member

    hahahah yea sorry i wernt much help with that mate i wa kind o busy puttin my engine back together lol:drive:
  12. Sigma

    Sigma Registered User +

    For the folks who haven't seen it, this V is the cleanest example left!

    The interior, is actually better than the day it came out of the factory, and the outside is exactly the same!

    I would bust my left nut to buy this thing! :)
  13. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    it is stunning looking alright.. oh some day my v will be as clean as this
  14. quadcorecraig

    quadcorecraig Paid Member

    it is a really clean V, am sure john will keep it up
  15. the_sly_EP

    the_sly_EP Fresh Recruit

    nice looking motor mate .... i heard you met craig & ed & dale a local to them but dint make it to rising sun or japfest because of uni work ...sure will meet soon
  16. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    Yes mate no worries try an make the Carbrook at the end of the month ;)
  17. moon-stone glanza V

    moon-stone glanza V Fresh Recruit

    lovly mate . bit lower & it will be looking mmm good !! :D
  18. ep71turbo

    ep71turbo Registered User +

    Love the Look :rockon:
  19. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    looking good mate, i want a set of them wheels.
  20. ro55ifumi

    ro55ifumi Paid Member

    Thanks to everyone for the comments, she is lowered 40mm on tein springs :)
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