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Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by Jules-B, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    got the air filter relocation..really did the bloke to deal with!
  2. Kelly

    Kelly Registered User +

    aye top lad is our nick :)
  3. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Thank you jules, i got your HKS bov today, look forward to fitting it and im glad the relocation worked well for ya, it really helps to keep the intake temps down:)

    And thank you 2 kelly :p
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  4. Jules-B

    Jules-B Registered User +

    glad we sorted somthing out in the end!
    hope u enjoy the somwhat dirty hks!
  5. TurboDave

    TurboDave Paid Member


    Cheers for the Turbo matey.

  6. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Sorry we had afew problems but all sorted now you said on the phone yea? still waiting for you to let me know when your coming up, we will meet and you can show me what ya hybrid can do, compare it against the TD04 :gt-smilie:
  7. TurboDave

    TurboDave Paid Member

    Ha Ha all sorted mate.

    We will have a showdown at a 1/4 mile bash:)
  8. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    I hate 1/4 mile bud, we will take it to the track :p
  9. TurboDave

    TurboDave Paid Member

    Even better :)
  10. Duff

    Duff Paid Member


    Top guy to deal with, wouldnt hesitate to again!

  11. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Same to you mate, pleasure dealing with you and if you need anything else give me a shout.

    Many Thanks.
  12. Craig

    Craig Paid Member

    Top bloke, cheers again mate and best of luck with the future plans ;)
  13. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Same to you Craig, great meeting you ill see you at japfest for a better chat and yeah hope my "plans" go well haha, ill take you for a spin if you decide to come japfest :)
  14. Rick_EP82

    Rick_EP82 Paid Member


    Well then, I got round to getting the Greddy E-manage unit wired up and fitted, a big thanks to Nick Jones who helped wire all the harnesses into the Field One Extension harness and do a grand job of it. He even pulled all the wires through the glove box which enabled me to install the main unit hidden away in the glove box compartment.

    So cheers to Jones36 for a top job, highly recommended to anyone with an E-manage in need of wiring up. Here's some pics of his handy work;

  15. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Cheers rick, glad it all worked out alright for you and if anyone else is interested drop me a u2u for details.

    Many Thanks and pleasure dealing with you mate.

  16. dan

    dan Paid Member

    Just wanna say thanks nick for the EBC :) Great condition and look forward to bookin back in for the fitting.
  17. henners

    henners Paid Member


    Went to Jones36, Nick yesterday to get my car sorted out fueling wise and had excellent service, highly recommended will be going back to have my emanage fitted.Thankyou very much mate for the help yesterday

    Cheers Henry
  18. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Nick's the man :) He's going to be fitting and mapping my Emanage soon
  19. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    Anytime henry, great meeting ya and you defo have a lovely glanza there, should be a animal when its sorted, bring on the miles :)

    Cheers matt, thanks again for sorting me out today! :)

  20. Si_Glanza

    Si_Glanza Paid Member

    Jones36 Emanage

    Thanks Mate, Very Good service replyed to U2U quick.


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