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  1. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    Lads just want a few pics of where the map sensor and knock sensor are located on a GT. Thanks
  2. 350ep70gr

    350ep70gr Paid Member

    I dont have photos but if you follow a black pipe(at about 4mm pipe with a small filter on it) at the back of the intake mani near idle valve at the other end is the map sensor bolted at the firewall. Black sensor.
    Knock sensor is located next to the vertical suport bracket unerneath intake mani in the midle of cylinders 1-2. It is the only sensor there with a single wire.Just put your hand there and feel it as it is a bit difficult to spot it as you looking from up from timing belt side.

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  3. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    Thanks chris, hav the lovely job of changing these for a lad this evening
  4. 350ep70gr

    350ep70gr Paid Member

    Anytime dude! Before taking out the old knock sensor unplug it and check if the plug match with the new sensor prior installation as it is at least two different sensors/plugs available. I belive it is something to do with the production date or also GT or GLANZA.
    I found it on a 4efte equiped Yaris ..the hard way..LOL


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