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Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by martin102, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. martin102

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    i have a Toyota Tundra truck. I need to tow an escort zx2 on a car dolly about 175 miles most miles would be interstate. do i tow in overdrive or drive? I do not wont to mess up the truck transmission what do you suggest? I have one more option to take a towing service from rite way towing nyc in my town.
  2. dac69er

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    your probably better off asking on an american based forum, more specifically related to the toyota tundra.

    this forum is mostly about toyota starlets, which arent really used for towing!!!!
  3. SKINY

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    I seen a GT on Instagram towing a jetski ages ago :cool:

    Im going to say the truck will pull that about all day long in top gear buddy, after all that's what they are built for :cool::cool:
  4. sventz

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    towing it on drive has been done many many times with heavier vehicles.just keep it on steady revs so it doesn't shift up and down all the time.find a speed that suits the cargo not your go fast needs
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