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Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by John 08, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. John 08

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    Have two sets of Recaro rails that came from a GT or Glanza. I've ran into trouble installing them as the top left/top right (closest to gear stick) isn't lining up.
    I was sure that seats/rails are interchangeable between EP82 and EP91 chassis. There's the small steel guides that need to be cut but every thing else should fit.

    I thought the rails weren't lined up but they are and there hasn't been any cutting/welding done on rails from previous owners. When trying to line up the last hole its 10/15mm out.

    Any ideas?
  2. SKINY

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    I was told 1 mount point was different between the 82/91 chassis when I sold the glanza rep, it had Cobras on custom frames, sold them separately, arsehole for doing so ffs :mad:
  3. John 08

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    I'm still a bit confused by it all to be honest :D

    I had two sets of Recaro rails which I though were both for GT/Glanza with one set bolted to seats. They looked identical but when I switched the rails, the second set lined up perfect.

    So got sorted but now not sure what model my Recaro rails are for! :confused::(

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