** Scammer WARNING - Daniel Dimino/Martin McCulloch/Dino Lorenzo/Rick Sear **

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by www.glanza.co.uk, Feb 4, 2010.

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    There is a person advertising Starlet parts on Gumtree & Pistonheads under a number of aliases, who has no problem in taking your money and not sending parts. He knows his Starlets, and can answer questions with an apparent knowledge. His parts are cheap, and attract people in. They're usually things like Apexi Power FC's and JAM ECU's. Check out one of his adverts here (cached with Google):

    Gumtree Advert

    He will try and get you to pay via a 'gift' option through PayPal. BE WARNED. Paying by gift or any method classed as a 'Personal Payment' is not covered under PayPal, so once your money's gone, it's gone.

    The aliases he uses are as follows:

    [highlight]Rick Sear (ricksear1981@hotmail.com)
    Dino Lorenzo
    Daniel Dimino (danieldimino@hotmail.co.uk)
    Martin McCulloch (martin_mcculloch@live.co.uk)[/highlight].

    Addresses he has given are as follows:

    [highlight]2 Megdale Place

    85 Bromham Road
    MK40 2QH‎[/highlight]

    And, apparently, the Isle of Wight...

    The mobile number he uses is [highlight]07929 953993[/highlight]. If you type it in to google, this is what you get:

    Google Search

    Mickey Boy over on UKSC has just put up a thread. Read about it here:

    UKSC Link

    He likes to use stalling tactics, and has said that he's on training courses in either the Armed Forces or Police.

    Help to protect our members and members of other forums by spreading the word.

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  2. wee-jo

    wee-jo Paid Member

    Saw micky boys thread on uksc, feel bad for the guy.
  3. Blak_Mamber

    Blak_Mamber Paid Member

    Cheers for the heads up dude. :)

    MARK@CMBAUTOS Paid Member

    cheers i new this a few days ago just havent had a min to tell everyone

    I've been emailing this guy about all that parts
    i asked for pics and he sent me pics of a the jam ecu i sold 2 weeks ago (yes my own pics ) this guy is a serious scam artist he told me that he was on a police course till the 6th then he be avalible to send stuff this man needs shot
    same he said his name was rick and gave me this number 07929953993
  5. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    Is daniel domino bloody glanza_dan??!!!
  6. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    Hmm now that name is interesting .
  7. faisalgtturbo

    faisalgtturbo Paid Member

    fcuking cunts

    i been fucked over by these scammers

    plz anyone who knows how can u get any details of the pair in question

    in this thread

  8. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    Yep was just going to say that that glanza dan on here dominio on uksc, and he also lives in ayelsbury :rolleyes:

    Me and my mate went to see a guy in Oxford who was selling some starlet parts, which that dan guy had agreed to buy everything for the price advertised, next day he posted a thread on here with all the pics from the ebay seller, with the parts priced to make a quick profit, which was soon deleted when mark posted the link....

    Hmm some people....
  9. Dave@TM-developments.com

    Dave@TM-developments.com Registered Trader

    daniel dimino
    2 megdale place
    bucks, Buckinghamshire
    United Kingdom

    thats the details I have, not sure if its the same person?
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  10. huwr

    huwr Registered User +

    He seems to be reading this thread at the minute...

    MARK@CMBAUTOS Paid Member

    i remember that it was an oil cooler is it him ????? i sent him an air con plug and he sent me his adress via pm ill see if its still there
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  12. andy87

    andy87 Paid Member

    last week i bought a window motor of Daniel Dimino (galanza-dan) on here and i got it no problem i payed by postal order

    window motor was 100% and he answered all pm's

    this is the address i was given from one of my pm's

    Ok Name Daniel Dimino

    2 megdale place
    Ayelsbury, bucks


    United kingdom
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  13. Dave@TM-developments.com

    Dave@TM-developments.com Registered Trader

    Is it the same guy that runs Starlet Pro parts?
  14. popsy09

    popsy09 Munster Area Rep.

    mmm interesting read:)
  15. scot-ish

    scot-ish Paid Member

    very, considering glanza_dan is just replying to this
  16. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    Thats glanza_dans site but in all fairness he doesnt really know alot about starlets from his posts no offence to the guy. I doubt its him
  17. glanza_dan

    glanza_dan Paid Member

    Hello yes that is me from what i have been reading someone has been useing my details :mad:. :mad:. beucase someone is doing a scam under my Name and adderess :mad:
    I will be contacting the police.
  18. faisalgtturbo

    faisalgtturbo Paid Member

    yes thats the fucker

    u fcuked it now m8

    if u reading this i cam cuming to sort u out

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  19. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    Good news then :)

    Report to the police for fraudelent bahaviour
  20. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    Lmao :haha:

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