"thestarletgt's" car for sale on ebay

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by MarcoGTTurbo, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. MarcoGTTurbo

    MarcoGTTurbo Paid Member

  2. Rob H

    Rob H Paid Member

    yep he is the moron that often posts his bull poo on here I think more than any thing its his attitude that stinks.
  3. _iforget_glanza

    _iforget_glanza Untrusted Seller

    haha is that the same douch that had like 40 mm of ground clearance, cut the chassis, had a top secret engine mount?:L
  4. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    Thestartletgt i think his username is. Toool. If there was a way if warning people off i would lol an if id link all his posts too the for sale link ha

    I would like too meet him tho..... Oh an so would my front bumper intercooler bonnet an windscreen lol
  5. AdamB

    AdamB Registered User +

    I don't understand why he's getting rid of it? He seems to think its the best thing since bread and butter :haha:
  6. somal

    somal Paid Member

    same dude with door hinges for engine mounts ?

    what an idiot!
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  7. dark_knight

    dark_knight Registered User +

    what's the latest he did..? hehehe.. haven't heard of/from/about him in a minute.. :D
  8. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

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  9. Rob H

    Rob H Paid Member

    there was a thread started about this early this morning. but I am not going to tell you any more for free as I had to do all the research my self to fined the post so if you would like to know more it will cost ya!!!!! lololololololol what a tool!!
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  10. ChrisStarletGT

    ChrisStarletGT Paid Member

    I thought the only four wheel drive celica was the gt4 since when was a st185 four wheel drive?
  11. Texx

    Texx Administrator

    An ST185 is a GT4.
  12. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    "Not suitable for apprentice mechanics with no brains.
    Not suitable to L or P platers.
    Not suitable for dreamers with no mechanical skill.
    Only suitable for those that can handle this car and have money.
    Only for serious people.
    If you got no money, dont bother contacting me.
    All stupid low offers will be ignored.
    If you got no money, ask mummy or daddy or get a loan.
    Idiots will be ignored."

    I can see 6 points in that quote from his sales thread as to why he is not able to have it himself lol.
  13. starletburkie

    starletburkie Registered User +

    LOL id say that thing is not near safe hence the sale
  14. dark_knight

    dark_knight Registered User +

    a safe car, or NOT

    'not near safe'.. i've died from laughter at that.. :D
  15. GT-TD04

    GT-TD04 Supermoderator

    "Just needs rear axels"

    No thanks,pretty sure I'd need them for 6k
  16. AdDaMan

    AdDaMan Paid Member

    What a fucking bellend.

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