We NEED a Mobile version of TGTT.

Discussion in 'Suggestions/ Feedback' started by Phil, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Calum122

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    I presumed this was a paid for fourm software? VBulletin

    Surely they have an upgrade to their software which will have this.

    Mobile working has got to be a must these days.

    We had this exact some issue on my forum a few years ago.

    We had the defacto forum for our motorbike. Nothing else compared./

    But spammers kept logging in ripping people off. The forum had never been updated and the site got locked down

    As such I decided to jump shit and start again, probably very much like UKSO.

    Sometimes it's best to let something die off and start fresh.

    It's a pity but such is life right?

    I am pretty sure the search button here as stopped working.

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