what cars can a starlet smoke on its CT9

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by triple j, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. triple j

    triple j Registered User +

    mad question but what can the beet on its ct9 and the likely mods,
  2. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    Everyone of them dude
  3. stevew_gt

    stevew_gt Registered User +

    You can get them near to 200bhp on a ct9 with that sort of power to weight they will smoke alot of cars mate :)
  4. triple j

    triple j Registered User +

    ive had a lot of bother with a chap in a type r integra in my old gt, not with the new one hopefully
  5. steve-gers

    steve-gers Registered User +

    Civic type r's, golf gti's, astra gsi and vxr's, focus st's, scooby's, audi tt's, beemers.......etc.
  6. triple j

    triple j Registered User +

    one problem i noticed is when u hit about 100mph after there is just not enough power to keep wit the likes
  7. pilgrim_fgau

    pilgrim_fgau Paid Member

    On a standard ct9? No you wont, you will give them a hard time of the line, thats about it, but you wont beat them.

    200bhp is very hard to get from a standard ct9, 170-180bhp is a more realistic figure at 1 bar
  8. Got.Boost

    Got.Boost Paid Member

    106 GTi/Saxo Vts/Civic Type R/Clio 172/182

    The List Just Keeps Going lol
  9. Iain@CRD

    Iain@CRD Paid Member

    Im not going to get into power/weight ratios this time... BUT as long as the turbo seals have went on the CT9 it could pretty much smoke just about anything!
  10. stevew_gt

    stevew_gt Registered User +

    IGotta say mine beat most of them cars mentioned. and i never ran above standard boost on a ct9, td04 is what ya want then all of them wont be a problem at all :D
  11. somal

    somal Paid Member

    ct9 would be really good on a 400 meter
  12. ryan-11

    ryan-11 Paid Member

    lambo's, ferrari's, zonda's ect, pretty much anything
  13. triple j

    triple j Registered User +

    gone bit to far there man
  14. starletburkie

    starletburkie Registered User +

  15. ChrisStarletGT

    ChrisStarletGT Paid Member


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