What Licence To Drive A Recovery Vehicle??

Discussion in 'Insurance, Tax and Legal Forum' started by Gtstu, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Gtstu

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    As title, just out of interest, what are the legalities regarding driving licences for recovery vehicles? Im looking to buy a small beavertail truck for the starlet.

    Im guessing it will be weight/load dependant?
    Can any be used on a normal car licence??
    Iv had a search but it seems very vauge. i have a normal licence obtained in 2006. Any info would be great.

  2. sacodetoro

    sacodetoro Paid Member

    I think you're allowed to tow a trailer up to 2 tonne including the trailer if that is the case you should be fine with the starlet
  3. Glanza24

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    http://www.irishmotoring.ie/cms/pub...es_of_vehicles_Minimum_age_of_driver_1014.php Hope that helps mate
  4. Gtstu

    Gtstu Registered User +

    is that just for ireland? what i can gather i can drive a truck with a car loaded on it as long as it dont weigh over 3.5 tonnes?
  5. Texx

    Texx Administrator

    Your limited to vehicle that has a Maximum Authorised Mass of 3.5 tonnes. Something based on a van like a Transit etc... will probably be fine, but you'll need to check that the Maximum Authorised Mass of the vehicle does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. If it does and your caught driving it, then basically your driving without a license.

    This might be of some interest:

  6. Rob H

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    The licensing laws are backwards in this area all together if you ask me! I have been driving 11 years I have a full Bike license, full P.S.V (BUS) license and can drive bendy busses and also tow a bus with a bus so talking over 100ft in length!! BUT I CAN NOT DRIVE A 7.5 tone truck!!! how daft is that!! and now if you passed your test after 1997 you may have to take a test just to tow a trailer at around £700!! and if you fail its about the same every time you take the test! for more info I would have a look at this there is a lot of good info for this subject.

  7. SupaStu

    SupaStu Paid Member

    I passed my test in 1997 and I hired out a 7.5 tonn truck to move house okay, the guy checked my license and said no problem. He said its only the new licenses that don't allow it (from a certain year onwards). Best checking with the license website to see what the limits are.
  8. Rob H

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    yes if you passed in 97 you can I passed in 99 the law changed some where between these years so I carnt :mad: so it looks like I am stuck to driving busses unless work gets round to putting me in for my class 1 which they have been going to do for the last 6 years!!!:haha::rolleyes::haha:

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