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    Anyone got a hybrid ct9 for sale?
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    5efe conrod with 1G-GZE piston with A/R60 M24 T28

    uhh.... not sure what the issue is... seeing how i see stock bottom end fhe's handle 300hp with a good tune heck, i see an fhe running running 22psi out of a t3/t4
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    Here they are, 1000HP axels for my 3SGTE

    have you not listened to any advise you received from someone who HAS a DRIVABLE 3sgte swapped tercel? He practically spoon feed you info on what to do... best of luck to you... and i hope you still dont really believe the 3sgte has more of an aftermarket than the 4age... and as far as your...
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    been lurking this website... mostly post on tercelonline but thought i would start being active here... i obviously live in Florida, US.... i drive a 1997 tercel... slowy saving my money for some goodies...