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  • guys , for everyone sending me pm's about carbon bonnets, parts etc, i still make some, but dont ship overseas cause they almost always end up damaged in transit. packaging them in wooden box etc makes the expenses go very high. thanks.
    hi there,
    i came across your carbon fiber build post and noticed you have a carbon fibre glanza s bonnet. can you get hold of these as im very interested?


    hi mate, i noticed u bought stuff from allyc16vgt, were the trims ok. if not please report him. i have spoken to 4 other starlet members who were sent damaged goods by this guy, and i was sent damaged wings, i managed to claw back most of the money from him but all the others have lost out. please report this guy to tgtt if u experienced any problems.
    Hi, I would like to know where you bought your car with the steering wheel to the left. I have long been looking for one as well, since I live in Spain and in my country driving LHD.
    Could you help? thank you!
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