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  • hi have you got a mid duck spoiler and square lamp eyelids for ep82 how much posted to kildare pm me cheers.
    Hi Aidan

    Today i ordered a livesport rear spoiler for ep82 and whan i go to pay this item by paypal it didn't accept my adress!!! Please can you tell me about the problem please?

    Thanks reguards
    aye mate that sounds awesome. Really appreciate it. Well just let me know on friday (or before if you find out) whats happening, thanks again buddy

    p.s. it says you have too many private mails so noone can send any to you until you make some space, just keeping you right ;) lol
    Thanks buddy, like I said if everythings okay then I'd be willing to buy asap, really needing to get it fixed. Thanks again
    hey man pm'd you a few weeks ago about a petrol tank, just wondered if you managed to get around to checking it? dont know if you got any of my other pm's so just wanted to see if youll get this. wb
    yes ther lad,i pm ya a few times but ya mighten of got them.was wondering bout the boost controller ya have for ya still have it
    wel lad do you sell de livesport spoiler at 249euro??? seen ur add on donedeal and heard u mite b making d duck mid spoiler... ya can count me in 4 1 o dem... r dey fibreglass r plastic??? tanx Sean Co.Meath
    hi there, im looking for a set of super advan sa3r wheels. do you know where i could get hold of some for a glanza.

    Hi im danny im living in newbridge kildare and have a na 4efe ep82 i was wondering if u could make the livesports spoiler and rear splitter and the toms style front bumper fit my starlet?
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