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  • thanks again man but I was asking about 4Afe clutch and also 7afe clutch, I heard that they are also 212 and can handle the stock power gain, what do u think?
    Thanx man. So 4efe clutch on 4efte engine with 4efte flywheel won't even fit right?
    Also i heard that 4afe clutch is also 212 and it fits 4efte, is that right?
    I have a question man if u please
    while I was looking for a 4efte clutch kit a friend of mine told me that he has a set same as the set in his car
    he's running a 4efte with a 4efe gearbox, while I have 4efte with 4efte gearbox
    do u think he has a 4efte clutch or a 4efe and if it's a 4efe would it fit and work in a 4efte with a 4efte gearbox?
    many thanks in advance
    hi man how are u doing
    Thanks again for the helpful info
    I have a question but don't want to start a new thread for it, so I thought I'd ask u
    I said in my thread that I replaced the ECU, the part number of the one I had first which cam with the engine was 89661-10100, and the one I replaced it with had a different number 89661-10040 I guess, my question is: is there any difference between these two??
    thanks in advance man
    Gotcha, thanks. I only have a very slight play when in neutral. Guess its nothing to worry atm.
    thanks lad whats worth upgradin in them first it has a
    hks dump valve
    hks turbo timer
    hks exaust
    and K&N induction
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