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  • hello mate i sold you my old starlet from kent was wondering if you can contact me if you still have it really want to buy it back or even just see it again cheers mike
    you alright mate howa you? havent spoken sinced i joined still got the starlet? i crashed mine! :( such a shame its in the garage atm having it checked too see if its gonna be alirght :(

    dont suppose you know anyone selling any good coilovers and alloys?
    you alrite how you doing? got thr=e glanza now im gonna up loads some pics :p its sooo nice haha :)
    hows your motor going?
    any news on the meeet?
    hi mate im new to this syt dont have a clue how to use it lol i have just bought myself a toyota starlet gt turbo mk1 just like urs white i was wondering if u have msn :) thanks alot pal
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