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  • Bro apparently we are cousins i been told we were just at your house and your dads name is sageer?

    Clear inbox?
    Cool mate and no I intended to get them wrapped in black carbon fibre but just sold them on it was the boy of here I bought them from his car was rainbow colour lol
    Your inbox full but here your reply :)

    That's cool mate :)

    yeah I bought it for 500 pounds n it was ment to b re conned the boy said so I bought it n found out it was not I fitted it n it smoked a little then after few hundred miles it smoked a lot more so took it off :( yeah my mechanic said the seals need replaced as it smokes mate oil seals

    I needed quick replacement n had no time or extra money to wait n fix it as garage would want storage n that so bought another cheap turbo off here n all seems fine so far
    Hi mate your inbox full

    Well including fees n delivery 130 in my paypal n it's a deal :-D mackiechristopher@hotmail.co.uk please send me address once funds in will send first thing tomorrow mate it's all boxed ready to send
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