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    Abs issues 96 glanza

    Checked ring and its good, nearly new cv joint on that side, faults straight away so i assume its a little more terminal. I think if it was a signal issue the fault light would come on when moving and not straight away?
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    Abs issues 96 glanza

    Hi lads and ladies, I have got the dredded abs light light on, i got codes 31 32 41 which i cleared, after taking it for a spin i got code 31 back up. Removed osf sensor and cleared rust debris off and checked sensor for continuity (1.5kohms) cleared fault and light is still illuminated The...
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    Who knows how to make such lights?

    I wasnt trying to be a dick You can buy 12v leds, this would remove the need for a potential divider... Such as I know you cant just bang in a standard led, the voltage rating must be considered as too the draw current. Recifiers are a...
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    Who knows how to make such lights?

    what LEDs was you planning on using? if you use the correct voltage rating LED and dont have to mess around with power supplies to run them i cant see any issue with heat? unless you mean as an indicator circuit in a car wont blink correctly with some LEDS so power resistors have to be used to...
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    clonky steering!?

    i get this also, might be the rack worn possibly or worn U-J under the steering wheel? it wouldn't be a starlet if it didn't have a random noise.
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    driven gear/speedometer assy

    did do it on the floor in the end... really strange to have a leak from that location, and there was no evidence on any forums that anyone had this issue before, i think i must be cursed lol
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    Facebook Update Thread

    them concept cars look a little funky, glad it didnt turn out that way!
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    Super Car Rally

    thats some good luck, top class :)
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    driven gear/speedometer assy

    Hi people, had an annoying leak from an LSD box i installed from the top of the gearbox driven gear, after dropping the box to take a look i noticed that there wasn't a seal in place? i have ordered a seal from toyota so just waiting for that... question is would it be possible to insert...
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    kyb gas-a-just

    looking at kyb's website it only lists gas-a-just for the rear, might be worth giving them a call?
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    Fuel Pump

    the fuel pumps across both ep82 and ep91 are the same, but I thought the 4efe fuel pump flow rate was different but I could be wrong
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    oil though crankcase breather at hig revs

    You cannot rely on a air fuel meter for accurate fuel readings, you need to set it up with a wideband
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    Missfire at low RPM

    Sorry for late reply been on holiday Yes that's exactly what I am experiencing, I bought the emanage intercepted injector values along with the ignition and fed different values to the standard ecu? I haven't seen the user interface for the emanage so couldn't comment on map traces or cells...
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    Missfire at low RPM

    i do have access to oscilloscopes so might be worth checking the injectors at misfire along with the coil ext think your right dac69er, think ill take it back after checking signals
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    Missfire at low RPM

    setup and boost wise its a forged engine hybrid td04 running 255 12/13psi i didnt say the TPS has an issue just wondered if it could have something to do with it if it was faulty