Abs issues 96 glanza

Hi lads and ladies,

I have got the dredded abs light light on, i got codes 31 32 41 which i cleared, after taking it for a spin i got code 31 back up. Removed osf sensor and cleared rust debris off and checked sensor for continuity (1.5kohms) cleared fault and light is still illuminated

The light is perminatly luminated after switching to ignition, pump doesnt prime, strange thing is when reading codes the light doesnt blink like the engine light it just dims slightly and you struggle to read the 31 code, could this point to abs module malfuntion?

Does anyone have any wiring diagrams for the abs system i cant seem to find anything now photobucket has screwed us over, i didnt want to remove the abs but this is an option, i would ideally want to keep the system regardless of how crap it is.




the ring on the shaft itself may be damaged, I've seen it a few times on Celicas where the ring has broke/been damaged.
Checked ring and its good, nearly new cv joint on that side, faults straight away so i assume its a little more terminal. I think if it was a signal issue the fault light would come on when moving and not straight away?


Removing the sensor can bugger it up too, unplug it and join the circuit to see what happens, I used that method to put abs faults out on celicas and few other makes.
Also unplug and check and clean all the abs system plugs you can see, could be wiring related too, brave lot of older Toyotas I've seen have some dodgy wire issues, my GT has a few