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    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    liking the forum update :D wish this forum was as active as it was in 2005 lol
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    Happy birthday TGTT

    making me feel older and older :( happy bday forum
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    toyota starlet glanza syncro help!!!

    my precious. no idea lol
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    Open end turbo

    best option is a remote oil filter setup and a proper air filter.
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    Price rises

    last 6 months prices have rocketed! i check prices of alot of car regualaly and it seems that in general fast/ turbo cars have shot up i got my Supra just before paul walker died for an absolute steel,i could sell it for nearly double what i paid now! a mk4 evo was circa 2-3k a few months...
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    11.3 Glanza Santa pod . Irish built

    nice time :D what turbo and whats done to the head? intrested to see whats needed to jump over 400 on my setup
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    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    all them times we took the piss out of people and said "use the search button" not realizing it would kill the forum banter and overall thread activity. i blame "cal" lol (showing my forum age abit there)
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    sad to see this forum coming to a halt.

    Cheers dude. Yea probly had that manifold anout 8 years now. Never had a problem with it other than it needs a recoat Even at over 400bhp its serving me well.. You deffo built them to last. Top work
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    sad to see this forum coming to a halt.

    still here and mucking about with cars daily driver is a single turbo supra just had my mx5 turbo mapped and tracking it this year ( 270bhp) and starlet is back in peices as it needs a new wiring loom ready for 2016
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    twinturbo 4efte...

    lol thats so diy (good but crude looking), cant wait to see the power curve.
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    This site

    havnt touched my gt in about 2 years now, but this is the year to get it back in working order. sorted my mx5 over the winter and that will be mapped in a few months, and im currently using a supra for my daily driver which i have a holset hx35 kit to go on at some point so all good fun but i...
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    This site

    i still browse but dont have time in amongst work, family and sleep to post like i used too. still tuning behind the scene though :)
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    This site

    where all too old and forgot how the internet works. # i did it for the lolz
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    Pointless porting a cracked wastegate?

    put a restrictor in the inlet, this is how wrc cars make loads of torque but remain within bhp limits, it stops over boosting much better than porting the ct9 wastegate which is still too small when ported anyway
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    twinturbo 4efte...

    thats the best way, bracing would be a bi tricky and manifold design to allow more room