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  • Thank you very much, i really appreciate the information. I went a bought a harness today, i'm now a bit closer to my goal. i have one other question for you, who would know or have the wiring diagram for the harness which connects to the same 89661-10160 Glanza s ECU?
    Hey i saw the post where you responded to User 350ep70gr about the 89661-10160 ECU where you told him the ecu is from a N\A Glanza S. I also have a question. I'm looking to do an engine swap on my car and I have the same ECU but i have no harness, been trying to get one. I can only get the harness which is from an Automatic Glanza, but I have a manual box, can the Automatic harness be wired to work with the manual box and ECU that i have?
    Thank you in advance, i am new to this site and i am still try to get familiar with the site and how to start posts.
    are you running any engine mods? mine is a 4e-fe - i like them non-turbo coz i think turbos can be annoying when they get to become problematic and it's almost impossible to get a well-taken care of turbo engine here.. so, for this reason, i am concentrating more on exterior looks and suspension mods for mine.
    any advice for me son..?
    i can try share some pix when i can.
    ola jason.
    ha u dhuin..
    i liked the thumbnail of your glanza and thought i'd get to find out more about what you've done to the little guy.. :)
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