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  • PM me, interested in a air filter relocation kit. Check topic in ECC forums as i have left a post with a special request cheers!
    I know a guy was pricing one last week with Andy, I will pass on the info to him and give him the option of this aswell and see if i can shift it for you.
    All right John was sending a pm to see of you knew off any one looking a 2nd hand nos kit.
    Wizards of nos street blaster 100i 4 jet kit 11lb polished bottle. it was actualy bought from you's And I have the invoice
    I'm looking £400 cheers
    how ya going was wondering if you could help me im looking for an upgrated ecu and front intercooler for a glanza and what the cost of them be
    WEL john i pm`d u about arp headbolts was wounderin do ya have them an how much in total to send to south of ireland??
    hi did you get my pm? do u have an overhaul engine gaskets.seals washers a complete set for a rebuild. plz let me know

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