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    V5 changes

    Hi I'm in the process of having my V5 corrected. The dvla have come back to me asking for what's called an SMMT CODE for my GT Auto. What is an SMMT CODE? Has anyone been in a similar position as me and know what is the SMMT CODE? Thanks Kalp
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    GT/Glanza Auto Box Questions

    Many thanks for the info, much appreciated
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    GT/Glanza Auto Box Questions

    Many thanks for your replies The car has been used within the family and I can not recall the ATF being changed at all since purchase. Due to health reasons (I'm a Paraplegic) I haven't driven the car for the last 5 years. So I'm treating the car as everything needs to be looked at. The car...
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    GT/Glanza Auto Box Questions

    My GT Auto box is well overdue an oil change, and I'm looking to syphon out the old oil from the dipstick tube. I should be changing the sump gasket and filter but I'm put off by the £85 price quoted from my local dealer especially when most of the older oil will be held in the torque...
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    Recommend me a Mod for my GT Auto ( Yes It's An Auto)

    Hi, I've had my GT Auto for over a year now,and getting a bit bored of it being standard, I would like some proper power increases without ruining the gearbox, as i'm guessing finding a replacement would be a bit hard to find one. I'm looking for fellow forum members to recommend me what...
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    Some bits required for my GT

    Hello, Have a face-lift GT for which I require N/S indicator, N/S front wing, & possibly front Bumper. One of my neighbours at work messed it up but cutting in too early turning left in to the street Thanks Kalpesh
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    KPH to MPH

    Help, have a 94 Starlet GT Auto, that needs the clocks to show in MPH, have spoken to TM Developments today and mentioned someone on here might have some clock faces, or what are the other options, if so anybody willing to sell Thanks Kalpesh
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    Hey... Looking to import a starlet.

    I recently imported my GT using the website and had no problems at all, the only sticky point was waiting 35 days for it to arrive on UK shores. I got me a 1994 with 70k miles which only failed it's mot on one front shock all I need to do now is register with dvla and get...
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    Replacement front shocks

    Hi just took my 94 gt turbo for it's mot and failed on one front shock absorber. Tried to find part at 2 local motor factors they do not list one for my car only one they list is the UK 1.3 non turbo model. Anyone know the part numbers or where I can get them from, I am in greater...
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    EP82 battery number

    Hi, could someone tell the relevant replacement battery number for the gt turbo, mine is an auto (have just imported the car and having difficty to locate the right part no) thanks Kalpesh
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    Hello, I'm new member and need some info/help

    Try this link as I am replying through my iPhone If it does not work I will try to upload some pictures later Thanks
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    Hello, I'm new member and need some info/help

    Firstly, let me say hello to all current members and thanks in advance for your replies. I have just imported a 1994M GT Turbo with 122Km on the clock. At this moment it stands me at just under £1600 My question is: any suggestions on what I should do about fitting a rear fog light and...