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    Whats happened?

    It's nice too see old timers looking after them now days :-)
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    EP82 / 91 Quaife LSD

    That's silly cheap. Very tempted
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    Whats happened?

    I'm still here, came back in November as such. Currently forging the Mk1 as I killed it @ Round 4 Toyota Sprint Series.
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    It's been fun.....

    You'll be back ;-) I had a 4 year break but came back mate.
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    Brand new uprated fuel pump, KYB Gas Shocks

    Pm'd about shocks can pick up
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    White EP82 GT, preferably stdrd mk 1 with glow

    Good luck ;-) very rare now
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    WEPR TD04 kit, 3" Exhaust and Gauges

    Hi mate what size are the gauges ??
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    BuddyClub P1 15" Alloys

    Happy days.
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    BuddyClub P1 15" Alloys

    Okay mate cool whats the offset ?
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    BuddyClub P1 15" Alloys

    tempting mate, any more pics ??
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    10% OFF + Free Shipping for MeisterR Coilovers! Code: TGTT

    Would love another set for the Starlet
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    My Old ep82

    Some may remember the Old girl, other not. Before I get a project thread up of my Daily dirver Mk1 I thought I'd start here. After having a few quickish cars Renault 5 turbo 172 Cup Bugeye wrx .... ( so SLOW) Mr2 rev turbo I bought the little Starlet my first Japanese hot hatch in 2007 at...
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    Wishbones, Thermostat and sensor housing

    No massive rush mate, what you thinking.
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    Wishbones, Thermostat and sensor housing

    Need some wishbones first mate ;-).