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  • Hey Mark,

    How's it going.
    I used to get my Glanza MOT'd at your garage and I have been out the country for two years with the glanza tucked in the garage. I just got back into the country but it is time to sell the little car and wondered if you or anyone you know through the garage is interested.
    let me know.
    Kind regards,
    arite, hows it going? was wondering if you could give me any tips on what you need to make an air filter relocation kit, samco hose etc

    cheers Jeremy
    Awryt Mark cheers fro the advice the other night, got a couple big washers made and their doing the job.

    Quick question, see the nut at the top of the shock arm, whats the best way of tighjtening it without the arm spinning with it?
    Hi mate just after a quote on a fair bit of work i need done in a few months

    Fitting and mapped

    WEPR Full Tdo4 Hybrid kit Inc FMIC
    440cc Injectors
    Uprated Fuel Pump
    Emanage Ultimate Fitted and Mapped Could you quote me on labour and on mapping, thanks chris
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