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    recomend me a car....

    my old man has got a 330d auto and he does pure town driving he gets 32mpg, ive got a 320d auto and get 38mpg round town and around 60-65mpg on a run
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    My new hot hatch.

    been years since i posted on here, looks nice fella im still living the dream in my 306 hdi lol
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    Just A Quick Heads Up On A Advert Me Mates Old Subaru

    This is my buddys old Subaru which he sold last week (and is a member on here) It is an awesome car and can vouch for it 100% as can many members of west mids imprezas who have seen this car many many times, but the seller is telling a few porkys...
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    Impreza p1 progress !!!!

    looking fffresh fella, was at a meet yesterday and a chap was there who wanted this car but you beat him to it lol, 6 speed dccd? has it had a box conversion as they usually come with 5speed bag the last one i saw
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    mystery of weston performance

    Yeah my experience with weston was shite aswell not suprised they've gone under
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    what you got your mrs for xmas?

    Shes gonna squel like a pig haha Lol epic fail
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    what you got your mrs for xmas?

    Whatever keeps her sucking
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    what you got your mrs for xmas?

    Joking aside ive bought my mrs too much: Pandora Bracelet Thomas Sabo Bracelet with 6 charms 2 pairs of boots Pair of shoes Dress Hat Scarf Gloves Slipper Boots Military Coat Perfume etc etc etc
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    what you got your mrs for xmas?

    Aha!!!! Of course lol
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    what you got your mrs for xmas?

    Exactly as long as they've left school its fine..............they broke up last week lol
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    is this a buddy club exhaust??

    Yeah looks like it
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    My Current Daily

    lol cheers lads im not too bothered to be honest i wanted a standard one but this so happens to come up at the right price and was modded with good mileage/full history etc not overkeen either on the lights but it does the job, it came like this when i bought it all ive done is put the pressed...
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    My Current Daily

    Cheers sanchez that's why I had it its only done 85k which is low for these and only 2 owners from new and was a bargain, its nice spec like climate, leather and its the 2.0ltr hdi so low tax bracket £120 and does 500 miles to a tank, I've had it since june and its cost me 0.5ltr of oil. Wanna...
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    My Current Daily

    Havent posted in a while this is my current daily nothing special 306 hdi, fully smoothed, lowered etc
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    Sh!t the bed!!!! Off its tits:eek: