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  • Hey jus seen ur post about ur engine blowin up... shit wen dat happens i blew 2 in a bora in 1 year in t middle o puttin yet another in now but im sellin this time... wast kind of money would you have on the shell wings bumpers interior n doors... ya get my meanin want to build a monster of a yoke cud u send me pics of it to
    Oh right, how random, i sold it to Jamie! lol, It was mint!! What problems are you having with it?? :( :( maybe it wasn't looked after after i sold it, it was in perfect nick when i sold it over a year ago! ummm it has a JAM FCD, not sure about the actuator sorry mate :(
    I am a jamie, I have just bought it off a guy called jamie, don't know what one you mean lol, don't think I have text you though bud. What is your name?

    Been having lots of problems with it, but if you built it, maybe you can help me with some of them ;) do you know if it has an ecu upgrade or anything? And a jam racing actuator? Cheers
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