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  • cant get replicas dude only can be got from toyota they are the covers, but people dont like them because they do them wrong. you have the cover and the back housing but there is 2 types of back housings. one is just for the pure red and can see through and the other one is different it has inside inserts. if you put the cover below on the wrong back housing they look shit and cheap simply because the insides can be seen. they qare reflect lights and they need the reflect back housing for them to look right

    same principle applys to the clear indicators you cant just put a clear lens on the orange housing they look shit you need the later spec back housing for them to look good cause they have the black outline and that if you get where im coming from

    anyway dont sell them but i know a lad who got them from toyota ill try and get the part numbers if your interested
    do you have these for sale and how much and are they the real deal.. as i herd that you can get fake lenses for them to make it look real..just tought id ask caus ei saw a silver car in one of your pics there and they had them...please tex me 083 1445545

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