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    Performance/Trackday Tyres - useful guideline

    this is super usefull! :D many thx
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    love this car. im still searching for those mk1 wheels. so hard to find!
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    EP7# 4E-FTE wiring diagram

    as this post is from 7 years ago i very much doubt you will get a response
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    Is 4e-fe and 4e-fte head the same?

    heck, the 1e, 2e, 2e-e, 4efe, 4efte, 5efe engines are so alike that my engine is a frankenstein of parts. running a 4efe block, 4efte crank, 2e-e rods (they are the same thickness as gen1 gt rods) 4efe head, 4efte cams. and im thrashing it hard without failure in the last 3 years
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    Is 4e-fe and 4e-fte head the same?

    im running a 4efe head with the 4efte cams in it and has bene running great for years. as far as i have found out the head itself is the same (side by side comparison) same goes for the valves and springs, had the same part numbers. but i had read some discussions on the cam shape so to be safe...
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    What car are you driving?

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    What car are you driving?

    still have the gt in my profile pic as a summer fun/play thing also have a lancer wagon 2006 that is my wife's daily driver then i have a 96 paseo as my daily beater have a mk1 white gt resto project in my workshop that will be rebuilt to full factory oem spec have a euro starlet chassis hanging...
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    Something different. A tale about a car lost and forgotten

    small update on this Car is still going strong and now has a new powerplant under the hood. the old 2T is out and in with the new 2TG engine :D
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    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    great to see a revive of the biggest starlet info database on the web :D and yay search button! how we have missed you!
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    Strange Engine Powerloss

    plugs gapped to 0.08mm? typo? or else thats way way too little. The low ron fuel isnt the best for this type of engine. the engine was built for ron100 fuel in japan and all the ecu settings expect this fuel aswell. setting the ignition timing on 10 degrees should have the engine running just...
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    wanted: mk1 gt glowpanel

    bugger.. spotted this too late :/ thx for posting though jay. can import these things via buyee tried that on a few parts and works well
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    RIP this forum.

    i dont see how facebook can compete with a well organised forum. its impossible to search for information on facebook. give me a forum over facebook any day of the week
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    wanted: mk1 gt glowpanel

    still looking :)
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    hmm, that deffo needs some love
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    wanted: mk1 gt glowpanel

    150 ish pounds im thinking. give or take