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  • hi there

    i really admire your project, and I know how difficult it can be, living in a contry with the steeringwheel in the left side (Denmark)

    i am about to do the same project like you have done. Right now I have a standard 90´ Starlet 1,3 XLi, like yours before. but this spring i will go to UK and buy a GT Turbo. My plan is then to move EVERYTHING over to my Danish Starlet, Engine, suspension, interior and eksterior.

    But i have read a bit about that it is not the easiest job to move the engine from a RHD to a LHD Starlet. So i was wondering if i could write to you now and then to get some inspiration and if you have som good advice before i do the engine swap, and maybe if you have som pictures of the swap from when you did it ;o)

    I hope im not asking too much, but i am just so enthousiastic about this project, and i think that an GT Turbo is a very cool car

    Best Regards Morten Jorgensen
    Hello, i live in the United States, i have a 96 Toyota Tercel that i swapped an EP82 4efte in.I was wondering if you still have the Blitz ECU for sale?
    hello my friend..interested the DIY you did with the dashboard..The problem is that after taking out the needles you lost the calibration and i think that there is a small difference on the speedmeter..
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