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  • ok mate. thank you very much.
    where did you bought it from?can you suggest me to buy it also?
    you will get more power i ma sure due to the fact that the 6/6 blades wheel have more area than stock ...it is not only on spool but in power gain too
    i had 275 horsepower at wheels on a 1.3 4efte.
    now you think with 6/6 blades could it be more?
    or only better spool?
    and also tell me from where you bought them.
    i have put out the vf35 to get it serviced and i probably will buy one billet. but i do not know which.
    thats why i am asking you.
    i do not have done some pics of the 11 blades...and it is fitted in my car , not very easy to do a pic of the blades in my Seo...
    11 blade has more torque than 6/6
    both of them are better than stock
    i prefer 6/6 blades
    can you send me any photo of 11blade? which do you prefer most?
    the 11blade has more torque from 6+6 blade?
    and both of them are better than stock?
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