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    bought a new gt :) here we go, let the fun begin

    Looks clean Phil, all the best with it
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    What do i need for TD04L upgrade ?

    the search function is bloody shit since they changed it, annoys me everytime
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    what thickness headgasket should i use??

    Told you this already man, 1.2mm anthena and you can't get a 0.8mm one
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    few questions

    You will need a fpr and no it won't loose the map
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    Uprated headgasket...?

    x2 the stock gasket is well able for what the stock internals can take anyways so a waste of money imo
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    WEPR TD04L complete turbo kit+exhaust and extra bits

    Think its a bit overpriced lad, hence why its not sold
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    Uprated headgasket...?

    Stock Toyota gasket is more than upto the job with stock internals
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    new zisco manifold fitted

    fuck air con and efi pipe, shite lol
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    new zisco manifold fitted

    nice mani man
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    Engine out found the total amount of destruction

    fuck thats a big hole lol same thing happend me, bent 2 valves aswell
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    TD04 Turbo Kit from Tuning Developments

    Pretty sure it includes the turbo evan
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    got new wheels....

    looks savage from the side but think there a touch too wide from the back
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    I'm in shock

    lol what a waste of money for that guy
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    do sva imports in dover actually want to sell any of their cars?! lol

    they are touched and god help whoever buys that