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    AEM UEGO vs Innovate LC1

    The MTX-L is a great choice bro. It has the LC1 built into it so no need for installing it as a separate control unit as you would with the older models = time consuming. Visually it is similar to the UEGO led unit plus you can change the face to white or keep the standard black. I have had it...
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    Mapping Northern Ireland

    As above ^^ Well worth the travel down from Derry lad. Service is top notch. Joz
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    Various uprated Starlet bits for sale, Ultra Racing, HKS, WEPR, etc.

    Arnold is the Pivot gauge not a boost gauge as shown in your pic? If you have the Pivot rev counter for sale I'd like to buy it please. Pm would be great. Thanks Joz
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    Car is pretty much done and running sweet

    Glad she finally reached the final stage in the end bro instead of breaking her. Immense project as we all know and fully deserves all the kudos. Enjoy her whilst you still can :D All the very best in Canada mate. Good luck - Joz
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    CT9 vs TD12 vs TD04 - Pros & Cons

    Then there would never be a better time to acquire one and discover for yourself once you have the time to sort an adapter plate for it and get it fuel checked/mapped :) Joz
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    CT9 vs TD12 vs TD04 - Pros & Cons

    Texx there is a wealth of info on, the majority of what I've read on the net regarding TF035 on the 4E comes from there. They would be the ones to ask about more technical aspects. Hope this helps. Joz
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    Red Glanza: what colour wheels?

    Here's some 15" Rays Gramlights 57C in Brilliant White with red rays nuts on mine bro. A real bastard to keep clean mind you, good for summer, shite for winter. A nice jdm bronze would also go well, not too dark and make sure they are not gold. Joz
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    Where To Get Race Spec Rocker

    Dean@rwdevelopments over on uksc offers the race spec rocker cover service and can supply all types of fittings on request - RWDevelopments Go for AN-8 minimum Chris for the fittings as AN-6 is too small (8mm internal diameter), the original rocker cover pipes are at least 10mm id (pcv is...
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    hybrid ct9 or td05

    To throw a spanner in the works, why not try a TD04 hybrid or move away from the TD flange and go Garett (lots more turbo choice and superior gains over TD at the expense of turbo and repair costs) Joz
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    Ct9 de-cat/screamer pipe???

    I wouldn't recommend it as it will get annoying over time having run one before. Every blip of the throttle will sound 'tractorish' which you don't want believe me. Switch to a regular quality decat (Zisco/Racetech) if you haven't already so everything is sealed in as intended. The screamer...
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    Quick question

    Around £80 2nd hand is a more realistic price mate :) Make sure they are the full units and not just the covers stuck on. Can tell by the inner red reflective piece and also lack of silicone. Its the same with the factory bodykit, many describe it as 'TRD' bodykit. Joz
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    td04 max boost standard 4e track car

    1.2 bar maximum with 370cc injectors is your best bet. Turn it down for daily driving. The rest will all be in the tune (road map with wideband essential) and current health of the engine. My car runs standard 4EFTE at 1.2bar max and 0.7-0.8 daily mapped with emanage ultimate - My EP91 Dyno...
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    Gram Lights 57c

    TGTT Subscription It seems to be paypal only mate. Joz
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    Gram Lights 57c

    It seems you have to be a paid member :( Joz
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    Gram Lights 57c

    I bought them 2nd hand from the Yahoo Japan auctions mate. Members Garages (progress threads) can only be started by paid members. Post up your car photos in the 'Photo Arena'. You will surely get some feedback. Joz